At RJQ Landscape & Design we use only the best products and provide top of the line Landscape Lighting installation. We exclusively use; Unique Lighting Systems, they have distinguished themselves as “the innovators” of outdoor low voltage landscape lighting. Together we are revolutionizing the low voltage lighting industry and as proof of this commitment Unique has developed the first and only lifetime guaranteed lighting system that allows us to properly install a well-designed lighting system. This system includes the multi-matic transformer, hub wiring method and solid brass lifetime guaranteed fixtures or fifteen year warranty copper fixtures. Join us as we take the landscape lighting industry a level above!

Unique Transformers have a lifetime warranty for repair or replacement. This warranty covers all parts and components, with the exception of the timer and the photo-cell. Those items carry their original manufacturer’s warranty.

Unique “Odyssey fixtures” have a lifetime warranty for repair or replacement. This warranty covers all parts and components, with the exception of the lamp. Fixtures in Natural and Weathered Brass are a living finish and are intended to change color or patina over time.

Other products include Copper and Brass fixtures that have a 15 year warranty.

We can design a system just right for your landscape & home, for a safe environment and many hours of outdoor entertainment. Our designers will create a first rate Lighting Plan and provide the technical support to insure your lighting will be there for years to come.

Satellite™ Hub
Hub Features & Benefits

In addition to having the highest quality parts, you need to have an integrated system to create a lighting portrait. There are three main problems that can ruin a great lighting portrait; poor light output, wicking and corrosion at the point of connection. For this reason Unique developed the Equalizer Hub Wiring System. Using the Multi-Matic Power Transformer, the Equalizer Hub Wiring System, and our top of the line fixtures, Unique has created the only system that produces even lighting output at every fixture and allows for relocation of fixtures at any time. The Hub System ensures proper voltage distribution and can be used with one or more fixtures. Unique Lighting fixtures come with a 25-foot wire lead that taps into the Hub creating a simple, and maintenance-free lighting system!

Satellite™ Hub The Satellite™ Hub is the ultimate In-Line fuse protected wiring system and the future of Landscape Lighting Wiring. Unique includes a replaceable 20 and 10 amp fuse at the point of connection allowing you to size the fuse according to load or wire size, thus making troubleshooting accessible, convenient and fast. The Satellite Hub includes three barrel lugs with lithium greased caps and a In-Line 20 amp fuse. The dark brown housing blends discreetly for above or below ground installation.

One of the most resourceful fixtures in the Odyssey line the Pulsar offers style and function without compromise. Its sleek straight lines, lock and load shroud feature and accessories make the Pulsar an essential fixture when lighting queen palms, trees, columns or any other tall structure.

Equipped with a 35 watt MR16 4,000hr Halogen Lamp, four designer lenses, 25’ of #16/2 low voltage wire and a Lifetime Warranty the Pulsar is perfect no matter how difficult the challenge. This fixture is also available in 24 volt.

The Centaurus offers soft level lighting with an elegant look. The frosted cylindrical lens minimizes glare while the 20 Watt Astro-Brite lamp provides sufficient light to cast soft glows on any path or walking area. The Centaurus is ideal for planter areas, walkways etc.

A powerful directional up-light, the Big Bang is perfect when illuminating trees, tall structures and vast spaces. The dual gasket design secures lamp and lens in place, while the Die Cast Brass lock and load body and lens retainer make installation fast and easy.

Equipped with a 35 watt PAR36 4,000 hr. Halogen lamp, 4 designer lenses, 25’ of #16/2 low voltage wire and a Lifetime Warranty.

The MULTI-MATIC compensates for voltage drop by allowing the contractor to select from up to eight different voltage taps (12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20 and 22 volts). This allows the contractor to customize the voltage for each individual run. It’s like having eight different transformers in one. With this exclusive feature you may have wire runs up to 800′ instead of the traditional short runs of 100′ or less, and still get 12 volts to the fixture.

The Consumer Buyer Protection Plan is a simple, yet thoroughly drafted plan for the installer to follow, virtually guaranteeing Zero Call Backs. By following the process of the CBPP virtually ensures the integrity of the lighting system. 

If an installer uses only Unique Lighting Systems products and follows the instructions for the complete lighting system (Unique Transformers, Unique Fixtures, Unique Intelli-Flex Wire, Unique Connectors and Unique Hubs), you as the home owner are ensured the system against corrosion, wicking, oxidation and polarity issues.

 Have RJQ Landscape & Design show you first-hand how wonderful our lighting system will look by installing a “No Obligation” Demonstration system for a few evenings. This demonstration system will have some of our best products and can illuminate your landscape & home to show you the benefits of our wonderful system.

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